【SLG/生肉/动态】 我的电羊女仆梦 My Maid Dreams of Electric Sheep v0.3.5


My maid dreams of Electric sheep

  • My maid dreams of Electric sheep is a life simulation with elements of visual novel and dating-sim.
  • The game is currently in a very early stage of development. Content of the game is subject to change. 

【SLG/生肉/动态】 我的电羊女仆梦 My Maid Dreams of Electric Sheep v0.3.5

What is it about?

“Why must I live if I can’t feel happiness after achieving my life-time dreams? Why must I live if I can’t get angry after being treated unfairly?” 

In a world that treats emotions as a disease, a man decides to end himself and writes a bizarre yet simple bucket list.

– Never take the gray pills
– Buy a robot maid
 Fuck it

It’s up to your choice whether he’ll fulfill his bucket list and put an end to his story or find a reason to live another day.

【SLG/生肉/动态】 我的电羊女仆梦 My Maid Dreams of Electric Sheep v0.3.5

Current features

  • Sometimes dark, sometimes… less dark or maybe delightful life simulation. 

  • An android maid who is eagerly yearning for YOUR LOVE and AFFECTION!
  • 3 different personality traits (Lover, Slave, Yandere)!
  • 10 custom made animated H-scenes (Oral, Handjob, Thighjob, Armpitjob, Breast fondling, Doggystyle, Prone, Cowgirl, Gwhiz)

【SLG/生肉/动态】 我的电羊女仆梦 My Maid Dreams of Electric Sheep v0.3.5

Planned content

  • More custom made H-scenes for a variety of fetishes and more exciting interactions with the girls!

  • Feature to change body type of android Maid

Support the game!

  • If you enjoyed the game, please consider supporting me on PatreonThis project heavily depends on it!
  • Join Discord for exclusive sneak-peeks and cheat codes!

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